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Review: John Masters Organics Sea Mist

Summer is fast approaching. And what says summer more than luxe beachy waves? I'm lucky to be blessed with naturally thick and wavy hair, however, sometimes said hair can be more "frizzy madwoman" than "surfer goddess". Sometimes the lazy summer look calls for a bit of dirt and grit, and when we don't want to forgo our scalp hygiene, along comes the trusty salt spray. Namely, the John Masters Sea Mist.

Salt sprays are notorious money-grabbing rip-offs. And yes, this would still come under that category. But, have you ever tried to make a salt spray and succeeded? It's damn hard! Do-it-yourself woes aside, I'd say this John Masters offering is worth your pennies. For one, the ingredients are simple. Water, organic lavender oil and salt. No preservatives, no silicones and no synthetic fragrance. Awesome. Two, it smells nice. Three, you get a lot more for your money than the cult alternative (rhymes with Rumble and Tumble Malt Pray). And finally, it doesn't involve desperate attempts to work out the perfect salt-to-water ratio while simultaneously spilling sea salt in every possible nook and cranny.

I reach for this when my hair needs a little hold and a little texture and it works great. I never have to worry about my hair being too neat, or too fluffy. Aerosol texturising sprays are currently having a bit of a moment and salt sprays seem to have bagged a bad rap for making your hair feel crunchy and dry. You won't get that with this little wonder. You'll be left with perfectly textured hair, which still retains its natural movement and feel. It's during moments like these that I'd like to remind you of the humble spray bottle Sea Mist which is both better for your hair and better for the environment.

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