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Naturisimo Haulin'

If you've seen my recent Naturisimo wishlist post then you would have gathered that I've been doing some shopping lately... Above are the items that I ended up ordered a grand total of 2 minutes after publishing that post.

The product that kicked off this spending spree is the Kae Moroccan Natural White Clay. This wonderful cleansing Rhassoul clay powder can by mixed with any liquid of choice to great a nourishing mask for either skin, hair or body. I've been following the on-board instructions and mixing with water and a couple drops of argan oil, and cue a  wonderfully smooth complexion. My other skincare indulgence was the One Love Organics Morning Glory Complexion Booster, something that has been on my radar for quite some time. Brianna hails it as an awesome primer and I have got to agree. I use it on days when I plan to wear makeup and as well as brightening the skin, it creates a perfectly smooth and balancing base for foundation.

My single colour cosmetics purchase was the Beauty Without Cruelty Soft Kohl in Cedar Green. Green is my favourite colour and I've been wanting an eyeliner in this shade for what seems like forever. I love a little just smudged along my water line this spring, it's an unexpected feature and really brings out my deep brown eyes.

Finally, we've all heard of konjac sponges right? Well, what about one designed for the body? I picked up the Konjac Sponge Co 6 Wave Body Sponge on a whim and although the jury is still out, I enjoy the routine of washing more when using this 100% natural sponge. I suffer from extremely sensitive skin on my neck and decolletage and I'm hoping the absence of harsh scrubbing and shower gels will only improve the issue!

Have you bought anything from Naturisimo recently?

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