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Melt-Proof Makeup

So the sun is starting to shine on gloomy ol' England. And although there isn't any blistering Miami heat in these parts, there's just enough humidity to get that mascara melting. If I'm honest, I probably don't wear enough makeup on a daily basis to experience any major breakdowns (if it's really hot I just forgo makeup completely) but I do like to keep the weather in mind when putting on my face. And here are my top picks for summer-safe slap.

The number one, most important step is applying a good SPF. Remember that the sun is just a big ball of fire and what kind of damage is that going to do to your skin? A lot. We all remember to put sun cream on our limbs so don't be forgetting that beautiful face. My favourite facial SPF is the Andalou Naturals Un-Tinted Beauty Balm with SPF 30 but you can also find great ones from Kimberly Sayer and John Masters.

Base-wise, I just tend to apply concealer to any redness/dark circles/blemishes and then blend out with a fluffy brush such as the Real Techniques Expert Face Blush. I set this with a light dusting of my favourite Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation which not only offers a tad more coverage, but ups the sun protection factor with a little SPF 15. This combination creates a even complexion without drowning the face in foundation or powder -  leaving a lovely summer glow. Colour cosmetics come in the form of my new obsession, the Silk Naturals HD Cream Blushes. Designed to be long-wearing, these beauties come in some delicious bright shades that instantly brighten the face. My picks are 'Shaker' and 'Top Shelf'. Finish with a slick of tinted lip balm and leave out any potentially dangerous mascara or eyeshadow. My favourite at the moment comes from Hurraw! in the form of their Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm.
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