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The Green Upgrades

I recently felt inspired by this post on Lips So Facto - but obviously it had to be eco-fied! Here we have my green beauty upgrades.

Nowadays I cringe at the thought of alcohol denat (shiver) but back in the good old days, I wasn't afraid to dry the heck out of my skin with horrible stripping alcoholic "toner" concoctions. You know the ones that claim to 'close' your pores? Well those pores ain't doors and I might aswell have been wiping my face with acetone. In recent years, I started experimenting with toners that actually claimed to do something and I saw massive change in my skin (big up to the REN Clarifying Tonic Lotion, the old formula - I miss you!). Even more recently, I've been giving the simplistic approach a go with some simple witch hazel. It works, but I miss the oooohs and ahhhhs that follow a slightly exfoliating toner. Maybe my new Andalou purchase will impress me...

Clean & Clear Mattifying Lotion > Pai Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream
Oh the days of mattifying moisturisers and heavy applications of powder... When the oily skin woes had reached their peak. Luckily, the introduction of naturals oils has really balanced my skin, but step back a year or two ago, I did anything I could to keep the shine at bay. That included employing a certain green-capped moisturiser loaded with nasty "anti-blemish" ingredients. Pai's offerring is not only a lot healthier, but actually does a far superior job of managing my combo (not oily like I used to believe) skin.

Clearasil Acne Cleanser > Herbivore Botanicals Blue Clay Soap
Oh the teenage rite of passage. Your first bottle of proper cleanser, probably bought by your mother and probably loaded with chemical nasties aimed at taming that oh so terrible (but not actually that bad) first blemish. I recall a thick blue liquid. My cleanser of choice is still blue, but now it's an all-natural vegan soap that gently foams and cleanses the skin without any of the tightness usually left by the former inhabitant.

I used to have a serious addiction to liquid eyeliner. And unfortunately my poison of choice was that of a cruel and unethical cosmetic powerhouse. These days however, I'm supporting small female-owned businesses and if I'm honest, girls do it better. I currently use 'That Black' but have my eye on the deep brown tones of 'Hot Fudge Brownie'.

Said No 7 blush was the only cheek product I owned for about a year, when I first got in to makeup. I loved it and I believe it was purchased with one of those recurrent No 7 vouchers that nowadays get thrown away or handed down to my mother. The shades are incomparable and I'm pretty sure they might even have exactly the same name.

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