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Field Trip: Green Bloggers On Tour

So #FieldTripTour has come and gone - - I'm feeling overwhelmed, over-tired and incredibly broke. For those well out of the loop, Field Trip Tour was a meet-up/green beauty shopping extravaganza arranged by the amazing Mayah & Sabrina from Call It Vanity. The day consisted of lots of beauty and blogging chat, lots of delicious food and lots of... well, shopping. We hit up all the stores that have been recently featured as part of their blog's Field Trip series which included BeautyMart, Nature & Co and Content Beauty and Wellbeing. We also had a right slap up lunch care of Wholefoods Kensington, followed by a snoop around their well-stocked beauty aisles. Before setting off, I had the distinct idea in my mind that I was going to take lots of pictures, film a little, and not spend too much money. However, every single one of those plans were soiled and I left the event with bags of beauty goodies and only two photos - both of which I have showcased above. 

I was part of Group B(estest), along with Sabrina, Annabel, Ana, Liz, Amber, Evelyn and Tamara who joined us at Wholefoods. I was glad to be in a group with a couple girls I had already met (albeit only last week), and it was amazing to finally meet everyone else after reading their blogs for many months. Meeting fellow bloggers has really spurred me on in terms of my own blog and has made the experience so much more real, rather than being just something I write on the internet. I'll leave the soppy details for another post ;-).

First stop for Group B, was BeautyMart. Located in Box Park, this little boutique is a mecca for the best of the best when it comes to beauty. However, we were all a little disappointed by the lack of Ilia, which they stock on their website. Although I didn't buy anything myself, the store kindly gave us a 15% discount so those who did purchase, were getting a pretty good deal. Next, we headed over to Wholefoods for food and a walk around their HUGE beauty department. We got there a little early, so tried to waste as much time as possible exploring all the aisles (this was super hard obviously). Wholefoods Kensington is the biggest site in Europe and their beauty selection was pretty impressive. I picked up the Inika Mineral Eyeshadow in Lightening that I featured in my wish list, along with a gorgeous Priti NYC polish in Sweet Sultan. The Priti NYC was my consolation when I realised that Wholefoods didn't stock my coveted Pacifica polish and I was so close to buying more as they were on 3 for 2!

The first part of the afternoon was spent at Nature & Co, a relatively new green beauty boutique, in the heart of Kensington. This store stocks a lot of exclusive brands (like Alima Pure) so I was excited to visit, especially as they do not yet sell online. The atmosphere in this store was incredible, so relaxing and it smelt amazing. I only picked up two items; an Alima Pure Satin Matte Blush in Melon and a full size of my much loved Primavera Sage & Grapeseed Toner which I use to set my makeup. Tamara and I, teamed up to grab ourselves the goodie bag on offer (for purchases Β£70 and over) and split the contents. We received some lovely samples and I'm excited to try them out. 

Last stop was the incredible, Content Beauty & Wellbeing. This store is very small but impeccably dressed and full to the brim with some quality green beauty brands. Now this is where the real damage was done. My most exciting purchase is my first ever May Lindstrom product. After a quick consultation with Annabel, I decided on May Lindstrom's Clean Dirt Cleansing Clay rather than the originally planned, Problem Solver. The formulations are extremely similar and Clean Dirt is very easily doubled-up as a mask. My second major purchase was another cleanser, in the form of the Pai Camellia & Rose Cleanser, which everyone knows that I love. In fact, the first thing I did upon arrival was ask for the biggest bottle of the Pai cleanser. It also happens to work awesomely with my new Konjac Sponge (another Content purchase). 

And after a big sigh from both myself and my purse, Field Trip Tour was over. A very big thank you to both the girls of Call It Vanity, and all the stores that were involved!