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Love Natural Love Organic

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend Love Natural, Love Organic - a new exhibition show geared towards everything, well... natural and organic. The show was also co-locating with others such as The Allergy & Free From Show, VDelicious (veggie and vegan food) and The Back Pain Show. After hearing about it, I was truly excited at the prospect of meeting some brands in person as well as stuffing my face with lots and lots of free food samples. Being vegan, I'm always interested in hearing about new free from foods. Please excuse the lack of actual photos in this post as I was way too absorbed in testing and eating to take photos...

Quite a few fellow bloggers attended and I was lucky enough to spend the day with Tamara, Tania, Mayah and Amber. I had such a lovely time meeting the girls and we had such a fun day talking beauty, trying out products and eating vegan brownies! Raspberry cheesecake brownies to be precise. So many lovely brands attended the event, but my highlights were definitely being introduced to the wonderful George from Bathing Beauty (thanks Tamara!) and hearing true passion from the mouths of Kris D'Amour and Michele from Oh! Organics (the nicest lady EVER).  George, Kris and Michele were all nice enough to gift me some samples so I'm extremely excited to get acquainted with the brands. Michele has probably supplied me with enough lip balm to last me a couple years and let me tell you - it's good stuff! I also just had to make a sneaky purchase from Bathing Beauty after visiting the stall about three times... more on that later!

So many other brands caught my attention, such as Lyons Leaf and Tou Lou Organics. The Beauty Balm from Lyons Leaf is something I regret not buying on the day so it's not a top fixture on my shopping list! Tou Lou also make a wonderful shampoo bar which I'm eager to try at some point. And of course I to make a quick pit stop at Lavera, and ended up purchasing the new CC cream which I'm going to review in more detail soon. First impressions tell that it is quite orange and has minimal coverage. However, the orange completely blends away even on my pale skin and I'm not big on coverage anyway...

On the food front, I was totally and utterly satisfied. Although most stalls were aimed towards the gluten-free, I really did have a lot of fun sampling different dairy-free and vegan treats. Stand outs have to be the InSpiral kale chips that I already love, but I took the plunge and tried the Wasabi/Wheatgrass flavour which were delicious! Also Rebel Kitchen, just wow! I had heard about the brand a lot from Sarah but was yet to try anything from them. Both the Chai and Matcha Green Tea Mylks were scrumptious and I had to purchase a carton of the latter to sip on my way home... Unfortunately a lot of the other stalls were promoting processed replacement foods such as fake cheese/fake meat etc. which I've never really been in to. Big shout out though goes to a beautiful almond butter/argan oil dip which I can't remember the name of for the life of me! 

All in all, I had an absolutely amazing day meeting everybody and it has made me even more excited for Field Trip Tour next week! Go Group B! ;-)