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More From Andalou Naturals

We all know how I feel about Andalou Naturals... and so when I received a cheeky little tax rebate last month, I decided that it was time to try a couple more things from the brand via iHerb. In the interest of staying "within budget", I opted for some items that I really do need at the moment (slightly debatable).

In a bid to rid myself of some lingering congestion, I decided to give the Clementine + C Illuminating Toner a go. I'd been wanting to try this since seeing Kendra's video and so far so good. I'm hoping that this is going to be a greener alternative to my much loved REN toner. It's cheaper, larger and I prefer it's spray function. I do like to have the choice of either misting or using a cotton pad when applying toner. Most importantly, it doesn't contain phenoxyethanol which was worryingly high on REN's ingredient list. Phenoxyethanol seems to be a 'personal choice' ingredient in the green community but I find that it irritates my dermatitis. This toner includes glycolic acid - something my skin reacts well to - so I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing some good results with this product. I suspect already that it could feature in my next favourites line-up...

Secondly and lastly, the Clementine Ginger Body Lotion. As you may be able to tell, clementine is one of my favourite scents and the addition of ginger in this body lotion is very interesting. It has a lovely and thick consistency, however, I still believe that it would not be moisturising enough for particularly dry skins. I do have to apply a thicker cream to my knees/elbows following. In spite of this - as a light summer lotion - this is perfect for me and with it's uplifting scent, I can see myself getting a fair bit of use out of the (beautifully packaged) bottle. I'm a sucker for a body lotion that has a pump. I've got high hopes for both of these products so hopefully soon they'll feature in more detail!

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