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Navy Eyes

Please excuse my unruly skin and eyebrows, but I just had to showcase two of my new favourites from Pumpkin & Poppy, the Divinely Happy Cream Eyeshadow and Oceanic Cream Eyeliner

We all now how much I love indie makeup and P&P are one of my favourite brands as everything is totally vegan. During a recent spree, I picked up these two beauties and I've well and truly hopped aboard the coloured eyeliner train. Blue eyeliner (and glitter eyeliner...) is something I dabbled in during the early teens and I've picked up the habit once again thanks to this beautiful cream eyeliner. It's a deep blue with white diamond sparkle, however this doesn't really translate on the lids. The pigmentation isn't amazing, but it is just enough to create a more interesting defined eye which is a welcome departure from the usual solemn blacks and browns.

I've been really enjoying wearing the eyeliner over another P&P purchase, this beautiful grey-taupe cream eyeshadow, named Divinely Happy. This product has actually been out for some time and - originally part of the Breakfast at Tiffanys collection - it's been on my wish list for just as long. I'm so glad that I finally picked it up as it is a perfect base for my favourite shadow of all time, Shiro Cosmetics' Hodor (also pictured above). Do I yabber on about that one enough?! I've also been using it to fill in my brows on days when I have a little more time to spend on applying makeup (not very often). The cold toned shade is perfect for ashy blondes like myself.

I'm yet to properly examine the staying power of the cream eyeshadow, but I'll be sure to report back when I've taken both Divinely Happy and High Tea out for a full test drive. High Tea is a stunning pink champagne shade which is part of the more recent Titanic Collection, which is also home to the Oceanic Eyeliner.

The Pumpkin & Poppy line of natural vegan cosmetics is available on both Etsy and Artfire.

Have you tried anything from Pumpkin & Poppy yet?

P.S. Sorry that I cannot link to Divinely Happy - items completely disappear from the website when they're out of stock!

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