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Review: Priti NYC Sweet Sultan

I'll admit, nail polish is something that I'm really dragging behind in when it comes to the switch to natural products. However, I recently had a purge, throwing away or donating many polishes to my younger sister. That left me with nothing but a couple of pregan (pre-Vegan) Essie polishes that I'm a little attached to. Essies are undeniably pretty but also undeniably non-cruelty free. Enter, Priti NYC, a wonderfully luxe green brand which boasts impressive non-toxic, 4-free polishes in a variety of beautiful shades. 4-free means that Priti NYC polishes are free of four known carcinogens that are commonly found in conventional polishes: toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and camphor.

I picked up Sweet Sultan during the Field Trip Tour, while Priti NYC polishes were on special for Β£9.99 at Wholefoods. The polishes come in adorable packaging and with equally adorable names. I would describe Sweet Sultan as a mid-toned purple-based taupe. It is actually very similar to one of my previous favourites, Mushroom by Barry M. I'd say that this is a good dupe if you're more eco-inclined. These photos really aren't doing the shade any justice unfortunately and it is actually a smidge or so darker than shown. It's so hard to capture correct colour representation!

Formula-wise, I'm actually super impressed. It's a little thinner than conventional options but the pigmentation is good and it hasn't chipped yet after 24 hours of wear time. I find that usually if a polish can make it a day then it's going to be pretty good. Bad polishes always chip quickly. The only down side is that it did take a little longer to dry than I'm used to, and so got a bit damaged during the rush to leave the house last night. All in all, I'm very excited about Priti NYC and I'm looking forward to picking up some more shades. I think Ginger Snap Orchid or Blue Wedgewood will have to be next!

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