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Summer Ready Products

So summer is basically here and it's time to crack out all our favourite body-beautifying products. The focus here is getting that skin silky smooth and spending some time outside sucking up all that vitamin D. However, as you may know, I'm deathly pale so there will be little of latter for me!

My favourite way to exfoliate lately is by simply using a synthetic fibre body brush. These things are awesome and work out considerably cheaper (and eco-friendlier) than continuous purchases of various body scrubs. I like to give my body a good scrub down pre-shower. The best way to do it is with long strokes towards the heart, which claim to smooth out the skin and bust cellulite. I'm not too sure about the last claim but what I can say is that this is a great exfoliation technique, and while it is a little hard to get used to at the start, you'll soon be left with smooth, glowing skin. You can get these brushes absolutely anywhere so check out your local supermarket or beauty destination.

Following a skin-sloughing sesh I always like to apply a good moisturiser, especially as my KP-prone legs can get a bit scaly... (TMI). Recently - when I've been craving a bit of a healthy glow - I've been loving the Lavera Self-Tanning Lotion. Although I'm not a regular tanner by all means, every now and then I like to take the edge off my ghostly limbs. This is my gradual tanner of choice. It doesn't leave me streaky and orange and I really enjoy the scent. Although it's worth noting that my applications are always scanty and others may experience scarier outcomes if they choose to seriously pile it on.  However, before I even apply the tan, I need to make sure 'areas of concern' are fully hydrated. In my case this is knees and feet and when it comes to moisturising the extremities you just cannot beat the MuLondon White Chocolate Elbow, Knee and Heel Cream. I'll spare you the details as I've raved about this many times before. You can read a whole post on the miracle-worker, here.

In the hair department, we're keeping things shiny and healthy with multiple lashings of Acure Organics' Argan Oil. My hair just laps up this stuff and I like nothing better than a few pumps through my locks of evening. Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy indeed. 

Now to the serious stuff. Sun protection is of utmost importance this time of the year and your best bet is to invest in some decent suncream and some decent sunglasses. I've only tried one natural suncream so far and I've been over the moon with it! Of course I am talking about the Lovea Lotion in SPF30. I recently spent about 12 hours in the sun at an outside concert and thanks to multiple applications of Lovea, I was very happily sunburn free. And I'm a seriously easy-to-burn kind of gal. Rachel has recently done a wonderful video on this product along with a demo so I definitely suggest checking that out here. Next is sunglasses, and let me tell you, I am not easy to please. As I'm a blind bat, I require prescription sunglasses which can usually be very expensive and very ugly. However, I recently came across the Ace & Tate website. Truth be told, I fell completely head over heels. Within a week I had ordered the beautiful 'Fox' sunglasses in beige (no longer available) and have already worn them a multitude of times. They're beautiful, well-priced (£89) and do an awesome job of keeping nasty UV rays away from my eyeballs. Just as an added bonus, they spring open and closed just like regular glasses which is AWESOME and very useful. Only the fellow four-eyed will understand how much of a must that is!

So there we have it, my edit of go-to products for this Summer. What are you going to be using?

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