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Vegan Cuts August Box: Ingredients Review

I was recently contacted by Vegan Cuts and they asked me if I would like to be sent one of their subscription Beauty Boxes for review and sign up as an official Vegan Cuts ambassador. I happily obliged as frankly I've missed the fun of a subscription box and Vegan Cuts caters for vegans who are passionate about using purely cruelty-free and animal-free cosmetics. 

I was sent the August box which contained 5 products, 4 of which - I'm happy to say - just about lived up to my green standards. I really think this is great considering that 'natural' is not the company's primary concern. Vegan does not necessarily equal natural (unfortunately) but Vegan Cuts are doing a great job at bridging the gap. As both an ethical and environmentally motivated vegan, this is something that I'm extremely happy to see and want to actively encourage.

If you want to see what was included in this month's box (and how green it was), click play above!

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