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What's In My Shower?

I love these kinds of posts and I did actually do them quite regularly, pre-natural. I believe this will be my first fully natural edition! Without further ado, let's see what goodies I am currently coveting within the depths of my shower bag.

I'm currently washing my hair with the Desert Essence Lemon Tea Tree Shampoo and it's pretty good. It's nothing amazing, like there wasn't any "wow" moments like there was when I first starting using Acure, but it's useful as a slightly more clarifying option when the latter is a tad heavy for summer. I've been following this up with an apple cider vinegar hair rinse which is probably one of my favourite green beauty discoveries to date. I've already exclaimed that I may never buy regular shampoo again... I won't go in to too much detail - as I'm planning a dedicated post - but all I can say is stay tuned if you want wonderfully soft, smooth and behaved locks (that do not smell like vinegar). Nevertheless, I am in fact keeping a conventional option close-by for those super lazy days, and currently footing the bill is Rahua's Conditioner. This product gets a lot of hype, but honestly, it just does the job and nothing more.

My current body wash is the Acure Ultra-Hydrating Body Wash which is scented with coconut and pumpkin. The promising scent is what originally drew me to purchasing this product but I've honestly been underwhelmed. It smells nice, but it doesn't last, and every now and then it comes across as being a little sickly. Despite this, it lathers nicely and I really do find it to be moisturising like it claims. For days when exfoliation is required, I've been really enjoying the absolutely heavenly Mount Olympus Scrub from Bathing Beauty. This rosemary-scented salt scrub is all I've been reaching for lately, and only a tablespoon is needed for a truly sensory experience. I find salt scrubs to be less abrasive than sugar scrubs and a great deal more effective - this product is no exception. I picked this up at the recent Love Natural Love Organic show and I do not regret it in the slightest. Bathing Beauty is an absolutely wonderful and inspiring brand.

Finally, my current shower cleanser of choice is the Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser that I reviewed in my previous post. I'm a fan of keeping a separate cleanser for shower time, usually something exfoliating or clay-based that is a bother to remove in any other situation. I really love this product but I won't badger you with the details as you can read all about my pure admiration in my review post that you can find here.

So that was a quick peek in to my current shower routine. This is always rotating, so look forward to more posts like this in the future! For some reason, I'm always curious about what body products people are using... let me know if you are too!

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