The After Sun Round Up

So most of you will know by now that I spent a few weeks of July basking in the beautiful (and hot) country of Croatia. Therefore, in the run up to my trip, I knew that I had to hunt down two things: a good SPF and a good after sun. I've already done a round up of the SPFs I took with me, and today I'll be going through the latter. If you want to hear more about the trip in general, then make sure you check out the fabulous first digital issue of The Peridot Mag as I did a write up for them going over things like what we got up to and where we stayed (there's also lots of sea pics).

Green People Hydrating After Sun*
Green People were kind enough to send me this product to try some time ago and and so I was happy to finally give it a fair trial on our trip. I will say now that this was my favourite of the two I took with me. The cooling mint element was saviour in the super hot heat and although I didn't really burn, I did find myself slathering this on every evening as a calming ritual following a day in the sun. I like that it is a tad thicker than your usual cooling after sun and so it is very moisturising. I also really appreciated the soothing ingredients as I'd actually gone for my first wax a few days before jetting off and my skin was feeling a bit sensitive. My boyfriend also really enjoyed this one and the small-ish lasted well considering we were away for just over ten days.

Organii Everyday Organics After Sun Cream
This after sun actually comes free when you buy the full size Organii SPF 50 (see SPF post). Although I didn't enjoy this one as much as the Green People, I did still really like it. The consistency is a lot thicker and it almost felt like a light balm rather than an after sun. This was especially welcome before my trip, as I'd naughtily managed to burn my neck quite badly while still in the UK. I needed as much hydration as I could get because the patch was quick to peel. The small tube was handy to take in my bag to work and keep on my desk, making it easy to remember reapplication throughout the day. I feel like this thicker formula and consistent application definitely led to quicker healing time for my sunburn. I will say though that I didn't really use this one when in Croatia!

Unfortunately, I don't think I will repurchase the Organii as I cannot see that you can buy this independently to the sun cream. The Green People definitely seems to be more accessible. This is a big factor when it comes to sun care as everywhere seems to suddenly sell out as soon as it hits June!

What SPFs and after suns have you been using this summer?


The Peridot 'Sun & Sea' Issue Out Now!

[image credit - the peridot mag]

[image credit - the peridot mag]

If you hadn't already heard the news, Peridot Mag just published their first shiny new digital issue! It's called 'Sun & Sea' and of course it's filled to the brim with lots of lovely mermaid goodness. Be sure to support the girls (the lovely Tamara, Jana, Liz and Nic) and download it, and you may even come across something from me! I put together a little article about my recent trip to Croatia so be sure to check that out if you want to see some dreamy pics of the Adriatic sea... I'm missing it already.


The Spring/Summer #GreenBeautySwap 2016

Excuse the very belated post, but I am very excited today to show you what I received as part of the 2016 Spring/Summer #GreenBeautySwap! As always, the swap was arranged by my lovely friend Ria and I was actually lucky enough to be paired up with her this time around. I've got to say that Ria's choices for me were absolutely on point (insert heart eyes emoji here) and I've already been using and loving some of the items. Here's what she sent me:

Acure Organics Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotion
Acure Organics is one of those cult brands in the green beauty community and although I have tried a fair few of their products, I've never tried any of their lotions. I haven't opened this yet as I have way too many body moisturisers on the go but I'm excited to try it.

PHB Ethical Beauty Orange & Lime Sugar Scrub
PHB Ethical Beauty have popped up on my blog many a time and I'm definitely a fan of the brand. I believe that these solid scrubs are a relatively new product and although I already own one from a different brand (received in a previous swap), I am yet to give the method a go. I have an inkling that I may remain a traditional scrub advocate but this formula seems like a great option for those who like multi-tasking shower products. 

Josh Rosebrook Hairspray
My first ever Josh Rosebrook product and boy am I loving it. I don't really use any hair styling products other than my holy grail Yarok Feed Your Ends and so it has been fun to switch things up with a bit of hairspray. I wouldn't say that I'm a styling product convert but I am appreciating the extra hold when I'm in the mood to curl my hair. 

Blue Labelle Light and Balancing Facial Oil
Blue Labelle has been on my radar for the longest time but unfortunately, I have not tried them until now. I'm absolutely loving this light facial oil and it is brilliant for my combo/oily skin. It's working really well as a daytime moisturiser and keeps my skin hydrated without being greasy - even in this hot weather we're having. I was even able to use it while holidaying in Croatia which is pretty impressive. I never thought I'd be using a facial oil in 36 degree heat!

Neek Skin Organics Austrialia Lipstick in Sunsets
As a self-confessed lipstick junkie, of course I was happy to see a lipstick included in my swap package. Unfortunately, this offering from Neek turned up broken but I have managed to use the shade a couple times and it's really pretty. I don't think it's really my kind of colour, with it being a very pink metallic coral, but hopefully I'll get some good use out of it. 

Stick around for some more detailed reviews once I've been using the products for a little longer. Thanks so much Ria! x

Pastel Fairy Dream: Brija Comsetics Eye Look

Just a quick blog post to show you this pastel-vomit cute eye look I did recently with all Brija Cosmetics. I was desperate to use some new shadows that I received including the three year anniversary gift with purchase, aptly named Three Years. I also used some of the all matte Gilmore Girls collection.

Without further ado...

I used Punctuality all over the lid to aid blending. I then used Hit By a Deer and Vicious Trollop in the crease with a tiny bit of It All Comes Out In Moron to deepen it up. I applied the absolutely gorgeous Three Years (a lilac with gold reflects) all over the lid and blended it out. I applied Three Years over the Brija Adhesive Eye Wax to really bring out the colour. Finally, I added a tiny bit of the Brija You Know Who Highlight to my inner corner. 

So yeah, definitely something a little different for me but I'm really digging it! Have you tried any eyeshadows from Brija Cosmetics?